Current Exhibition

Exhibition includes important historical and contemporary landscape and marine painters who have distinctly captured the essence of the New England shoreline. Artists include Joann Ballinger, George Elmer Browne, William Hanson, Lisa Horrigan, Hayley Lever, David Lussier, Alain Picard, Caleb Arnold Slade, Yasemin Tomakan, Yves Parent and numerous others.

Marshes with Shack by Yasemin Tomakan
11" x 14" | Oil on Canvas | $1,600

Beetlecats in Fog IV by Lisa Horrigan
30" x 36" | Oil on Linen | $7,500

Hazy Westport Morning by Kyle Bartlett
8 x 10 | Oil on Linen | $900

IOD's by Lisa Horrigan
8" x 10" | Oil on Linen | $1,450