Peter Layne Arguimbau

Peter Layne Arguimbau was born in Darien, Connecticut in 1951. He was handed a paintbrush at the age of eight by his father, a portraitist. Peter met Frank Manson and studied with him for fourteen years at the Art Students League in New York. Since then he has lived and painted throughout the world, spending three years in Florence, Rome and Naples, studying and analyzing Classicism and the Baroque era. This period became the focus of his special interest, which extends to Flemish, Italian and Spanish masters. His undergraduate education included The Loomis School and Vassar College. Peter holds a very extensive study program in fine arts.

Arguimbau concentrates primarily on marine paintings. He specializes in classic boat, America's Cup Races from the turn of the century, New England harbor scenes, New York Harbor and yachting commissions. Arguimbau possesses an old-world painting style to which he adds the Flemish Technique of the sixteenth century. Arguimbau makes his own materials, grinding the paints from powders and preparing oil-resinous mediums as well as framing and adding hand finishes to his frames. He involves himself in the entire painting process, working through all the artistic problems, emulating the Renaissance expeirence that clearly shows in his paintings.

Arguimbau's paintings capture the glory of the seas and its' atmosphere of constant challenge and change. His canvases are rich with the flavor and history that embodies America's Cup sailing legands and the romantic ambiance of the Northeastern coastline.

Over the years, Arguimbau has become a much sought after artist by galleries and collectors alike. He has painted all over the United States, Europe and as far away as the Patagonia at the tip of South America.

Peter Arguimbau currently lives and works in Greenwich, Connecticut. Wally Findlay Galleries in Palm Beach presented Arguimbau's premiere exhibition in 1999. Since then, Peter has enjoyed a successful exhibition at the Wally Findlay Galleries in Chicago, as well as an exhibition in December of 2002 again in Palm Beach.

IOD's by Peter Layne Arguimbau
11 3/4" x 15 1/2", Oil on Canvas

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